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Book Reviews

Review Structure
My reviews will start out with a blurb on why I read this book so as to give readers a sense of my expectation bias. This will include things like cover evaluations and thoughts on the title's appropriateness. I will also include the first lines from the novel to give readers a feel of the author's writing.
I will then begin the review with an overall score in terms of how the whole book came together - note that this score is not necessarily an average of the other categories. The rest of the review is broken down into three categories:

plot/themes - where I evaluate the storyline and the subjects it broaches (ex. plot holes, social commentary, topics of debate)
characters - where I evaluate the character portrayals and growth (or lack thereof), as well as representation (ex. ethnic minorities, women, anti-heroes)
writing/art - where I evaluate the stylistic flow and reading level of the book, or the art composition if it is a graphic novel (ex. grammar, simple vs. stylistic, detailed vs. sparse)

I will also include an evaluation of the ending of each book, taking into account whether it is in a series or a stand-alone, and the quality of the resolutions the last pages provide.

Rating System
All scores will be marked out of five and may include partial scores.

☂☂☂☂ 1 umbrella: could not finish
☂☂☂☂☂ 2 umbrella: at least it tried
☂☂☂☂☂ 3 umbrella: not amazing, but not bad
☂☂☂☂ 4 umbrella: well worth your time
☂☂☂☂☂ 5 umbrella: definite shelf-keeper

my personal favourites, regardless of rating 8D

I also submit reviews to, Book Depository, goodreads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari.

Publishers & Authors
If you would like to guest post, participate in an interview, or send me a book for review or to give away, please contact me using this form or email me at ninefly(at)gmail(dot)com! Please note my mailing address is Canadian.
My preferred genres:
paranormal ; urban fantasy ; horror ; mystery/thriller ; sci-fi ; fantasy ; Asian themed
I'm open to:
self-published books ; translated titles ; glbt ; graphic novels ; audio books
I will usually NOT review:
children's books ; erotic romance ; health/beauty/inspirational/memoirs

YA FictionAdult FictionGraphic NovelsNon-Fiction

Movie Reviews


Bell, Hilari
§ Knight and Rogue
  1. The Last Knight (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 in 2009 ♥)

Brennan, Sarah Rees
§ Demons Trilogy
  1. The Demon's Lexicon (rated ☂☂☂.5 in 2009)

Cashore, Kristin
§ Seven Kingdoms Trilogy
  1. Graceling (rated ☂☂☂ in 2010)

Ellis, Helen
§ The Turning Series
  1. What Curiosity Kills (rated ☂☂☂ in 2010)

Levithan, David

Moore, Perry
  • Hero (rated ☂☂.5 in 2010)

Nayeri, Daniel & Dina
§ Another Series
  1. Another Faust (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2010)


Ballard, J.G.

Carriger, Gail
§ Parasol Protectorate Series
  1. Soulless (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 in 2010 ♥)

Doyle, Arthur Conan
§ Sherlock Holmes Novels
  1. A Study in Scarlet (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2010)
  2. The Sign of the Four (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 in 2010)
§ Sherlock Holmes Anthologies
  1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2010)

Flewelling, Lynn
§ Nightrunner
  1. Luck in the Shadows (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 ♥ in 2010)

Landay, William

Monette, Sarah
§ Doctrine of Labyrinths
  1. Mélusine (rated ☂☂☂.5 in 2009)
  2. The Virtu (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2009 ♥)

Palahniuk, Chuck

Pratt, T.A.
§ Marla Mason
  1. Blood Engines (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2009)
  2. Poison Sleep (rated ☂☂☂.5 in 2010)

Shatner, William
§ Star Trek Academy
  1. Collision Course (rated ☂☂☂☂ in 2010)


Minekura, Kazuya
  • Saiyuki (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 in 2009 ♥)

Oda, Eiichiro

Quesada, Joe

Sorachi, Hideaki
  • Gintama (rated ☂☂☂☂.5 in 2009 ♥)


Knight, Rachelle Rogers