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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apology: Ninefly vs. RL Issues

Okay, so there should have been a few review posts between May and now if things went according to plan. Clearly they didn't.

My friend did offer to help me post my reviews herself, but I found a proxy sometime in June that worked with Blogger and set up a few "scheduled" posts that were supposed to have posted while my proxy died and kicked me out again. Clearly they didn't.

I got back to the Continent of the Freer Internetz in September and basically had a huge issue with housing where I dragged stuff back and forth between hotel rooms for a few weeks. Now that I've finally settled down to a permanent address and dealt with the bare necessities (ex. a place to live), I can start book blogging again! Yay!

For the next few days/weeks, I'll be posting the reviews that escaped my posting plans, and hopefully hosting some giveaways for review requests I got over the summer as well as one for celebrating 140 followers!

Thanks to my old followers for sticking with me, and welcome to new followers!
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Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

So you are coming back after all! YAY! *hugs*

Haha and I see you already got up a review. Hahahhaha I should get around to doing that too... just like how I'm totally getting around to working on my translation assignment that's due in a couple hours ahahahahhaha (wtf why I am taking a french-to-english translation class I SUCK AT THIS wtf wtf)

okay I know we talked about the book list of wins you sent to my place, but I don't remember all the titles anymore, send list to me by email? I should probably send you email on this, but apparently my track record of people receiving my emails are very slim....?? blah.

Marce said...

Welcome back, I look forward to your reviews.

To bad your scheduled one's didn't work.

Have fun getting settled.