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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: The Child Thief

A weekly event on my blog where I post about books (not necessarily pre-release or new) that I've just added to my wishlist, along with a little blurb on why I want to read it.
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The Child Thief
by Brom
release date: 1 September 2009
Fourteen-year-old Nick would be lying dead in a Brooklyn park — murdered by drug dealers ­— had Peter not sprung out of the trees to save him. Now the irresistibly charismatic wild boy wants Nick to follow him into a strange and unsettling mist swirling around the bay. Even though he is wary of Peter's crazy talk of faeries and monsters, Nick agrees. After all, nowhere in New York City is safe for him now. And what more can he possibly lose?
There is always more to lose.
Accompanying Peter to a gray and ravished island that was once a lush, enchanted paradise, Nick finds himself unwittingly recruited for a war that has raged for centuries. He must learn to fight or die as he struggles to fit in with the "Devils" — Peter's savage tribe of lost and stolen children.
Here, Peter's dark past is revealed: left to wolves as an infant, despised, tormented, and hunted, Peter moves between the worlds of faerie and man, struggling to understand what he is and where he belongs. The Child Thief is a leader of bloodthirsty children, a brave friend, and a creature driven to do whatever he must to kill the dreaded Captain and stop his murderous crew of "Flesh-eaters" before they blight every trace of magic left in this dying land.

Why it's on my wishlist
I'll admit I was a big fan of Peter Pan when I was a kid - used to watch our VHS of the Disney version over and over again. I've also read the original fairytale, which was really sad and quite dark as expected, but of course I always welcome an even darker interpretation >D The "dangerous companions" trope is one of my favourites, and I'd love to see how a male character - rather than Wendy - would shift the story's focus (even more).
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Book Monster said...

I've seen this one in the book store recently, I'm sure of it. It looks cool. I recently saw a Peter Pan play at the big play theatre we have in our city.

Dazzling Mage said...

This book looks very interesting. And I love the cover. Nice choice!

Karen said...

I've read Plucker by Brom and it was fantastic! Very dark but good. I plan on checking this one out as well.

Alayne said...

Looks really intriguing. My WOW is at The Crowded Leaf.

Lori said...

Looks kind of cute. I hope that you will enjoy it.Here's mine

Jan von Harz said...

This sound really interesting. I like the male protagonist. I will have to look for this.

Lydia said...

So glad to see this on your list! I loved, loved, loved this book. So dark and deliciously creepy.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

This one is on my list as well. I really like the sounds of it and I've hear many people say they really enjoyed it too.