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Friday, March 5, 2010

Cover Cravings #6: Eyes

A weekly feature on my blog where I post up cover images that fit a weekly theme - art styles, artists, colour schemes, etc. In essence, this is a meme that celebrates book covers as pieces of art. Covers link to larger images and titles to goodreads summaries.

This week's theme: Eyes
magical eyes, cloudy eyes, scary eyes, beautiful eyes, no eyes...


1) single eye

The Host by Stephenie Meyer | Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk | Rot&Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

2) two eyes/no eyes

What Curiosity Kills by Helen Ellis | Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
She Thief by Angela Morrison | The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks

My Thoughts

In the magical/paranormal world, usually when someone is endowed with special powers, their eyes become "special". There are a lot of different ways to accentuate a person's eyes: flecks of unnatural colour, makeup, lighting, etc.
What are your favourite covers that prominently feature a model's eyes?
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