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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Screening: February 2010

A monthly meme where I post about movies I've recently watched and ones I'm dying to see. I'll do a mini ★ review for each movie I've seen, and express in ♥s how excited I am for trailers of movies soon to be released. See all of my movie reviews here.

Recent Screenings: 2
Anticipated Screenings: 2

Recent Screenings
  • The Lightning Thief (2010) ★★ - theatre
    mini-review: wow, there are no words to how cheesy and horrible this movie was; sure, it's got a rather pretty cast and CGI, but the pacing was choppy, the dialogue was lame, and the acting was WAY melodramatic; I don't get why the Greek gods are in America (WTF Olympus in Empire State Building???), why Persephone is a slut, why her pearls are owned by ppl like Medusa (are they hinting at them being lovers?); that last scene with Medusa's head reeked SO MUCH of abuse of power and chills me at how cruel children can be; heard Grover was MADE INTO the token black guy, and worse, into the "eager-to-please sidekick who is DESPERATE for female attention" next to the white main character who gets the girl by his ~*Many Manly Merits*~ UGH
  • X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006) ★★★
    mini-review: better action scenes, better CGI; speedoflight!pacing, random!deaths, abrupt!dis/appearances, horrible!romance (Wolverine/Jean is still the most random thing ever)...some good set-up scenes where there are debates about being a minority, accepting it, or hating the majority, etc., but by the end they COMPLETELY disregard the "abuse of power" theme; on the other hand, YAY PORCUPINE ASIAN GUY! YAY INVISIBLE ASIAN GIRL! YAY PRETTY SHOCKWAVE GIRL! Storm grows a personality! Kitty is smart! I like Jean's hair!...not enough Wolverine/Rogue friendly fluff though =(

Anticipated Screenings

Repo Men (March 2010) → anticipation: ♥♥♥♥.5

finished Alfie (and Sherlock Holmes) recently and I'm pretty interested in seeing more of Jude Law 8D british accents! happy-go-lucky assassins! lots of gore! I'll enjoy this for the view, though I'm quite interested in the plot as well

Robin Hood (May 2010) → anticipation: ♥♥♥

tentative for now, but I did love Robin Hood stories when I was younger...the rock music in the trailer made me LOL though, so inappropriate XD;

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Book Monster said...

I loved Percy Jackson :) To me the movie was awesome!!

The Library Lurker said...

Based on your review of The Lightning Thief you haven't read the book, so let me tell you now that the book is SO MUCH BETTTER. There was a reason that the protagonist is twelve in the book. Don't let the sucky movie stop you from reading an amazing series!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Sorry to hear you thought Lightning Thief was cheesy. We are looking forward to that movie, my son and I. He is reading the book and hoping to see it after he is done.

Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

ROFLOL I'm sure you're veryyyyy interested in the PLOT, ninefly. Jude Law is so full of plot.