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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover Cravings #3: Jason Chan

A weekly feature on my blog where I post up cover images that fit a weekly theme - art styles, artists, colour schemes, etc. In essence, this is a meme that celebrates book covers as pieces of art. Covers link to larger images and titles to goodreads summaries.

This week's theme: Jason Chan (concept artist)
artist website | artist gallery
Another artist feature! This artist technically hasn't done a lot of book covers (that I know of), but feel free to leave in the comments any of his other works that you think would work well with a specific book =)


1) Theatre Illuminata (novels)

#1 Eyes Like Stars
#2 Perchance to Dream
by Lisa Mantchev
extra: author's interview with the artist

3) selections from gallery
(names are all my doing, sorry)
women from chinese fantasy
fantasy game sorceress+beast
bloodthirsty elf woman
noble dude w/ flower petals
dark mecha-angel
big friendly giant
mermaid x octopus-man
kid+unicorn vs. kid+dragon
warrior woman riding panther
characters posed as skull
vampire twins
junkyard angel
dramatic dystopia
modern girl w/ mp3
girl(?) pissing while standing
space opera ensemble

2) other covers

X-men Exiles: Wolverine (graphic novel)
by Jeff Parker
The Hunger Games (novel, UK ed.)
by Suzanne Collins

My Thoughts

The artist's name was mentioned in a post last week about the cover image for The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter. I was thinking about what theme I should have for my next Cover Cravings at the time and decided to look the artist up. Turns out he is also the artist for the Eyes Like Stars cover, which I'm sure many people have seen and adored. Of course I checked out his gallery and immediately decided I need to feature his work here. It's not apparent from the cover samples on the left column, but if you peruse his gallery a little (or click on the selections I've linked to on the right column), you'll see his art is very flexible in theme and style. I'd love to see more of his art featured on book covers, especially since there's potential for fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, steampunk, asian fantasy, paranormal romance, children's fantasy, and humour/comedy.

So, which are your favourites from his gallery? =)

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Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

I &heart; JASON CHAN!!! Pretty illustrated covers is pretty.

vvb32 reads said...

ahhh, love the covers for the Theatre Illuminata series.

Victoria said...

I love his art! The new thing seems to just be model photography in book covers, and I'm so glad there are still some talented illustrators out there still! :)

Chloe said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the covers for ELS & PTD!!